☑ Real-time, historical and predictive analysis

☑ Automated root cause analysis

☑ Flexible framework

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Powerful, Enterprise-Grade IT Infrastructure
Monitoring and Analytics for Any Connected

Sightline AssureTM

Continuously Monitor and Maintain the
Health and Availability of Mission-Critical
Industrial Automation IT Infrastructure.

☑ Integrates With Industrial Automation Systems

☑ Intuitive and Easy-To-Use Dashboard

☑ Detailed, In-Depth System Checks

We’re helping the next generation of data-enabled business leaders make smarter, cost effective and long-term decisions.
Data Into Business.
Our global partners provide full-service solution offerings, including software sales, configuration and deployment, training and support. We’re also a trusted technology partner of Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, Intel, Cisco, RedHat, IBM, EMC, Stratus, Citrix and Novell. Together, we create solutions that help businesses derive more value from the devices they already own.
Data Into Action.
Optimized for high-throughput, mission-critical operations, our enterprise solutions currently monitor over 400,000 network devices and 20,000 servers worldwide 24x7. Today, Sightline solutions monitor 80% of all U.S. credit card transactions, four of the largest global airline carriers and the global leader in processing flight and travel bookings.
Data Into Answers.
Sightline's flexible framework can be tailored to meet current and evolving needs from automating root cause analysis of complicated infrastructures to predicting when hardware will fail to accurately planning future capacity needs based on historical data. Built on a fully API-enabled platform, Sightline easily integrates with any company's other monitoring and analysis solutions.
Data Into Success.
For the last 10 years Sightline has reported a 95% renewal rate from customers that include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in telecommunications, finance, travel, retail, as well as federal, state and local governments. Government customers relying on Sightline include DISA, GSA, HUD and DHS.

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