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No point solutions or silos, no finger pointing, no excessive maintenance costs, implementation timeframes or support efforts – one solution designed to proactively manage the performance of your infrastructure, to not only meet, but exceed all of your IT objectives, and to provide you with peace of mind.

Performance Monitoring

Automated Capacity Planning

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Rightsizing Hardware

Unified Monitoring Solution

What We Do

Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM)
Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM)
EDM gives users central control and management for data collection and maintenance, agent configuration/ management, alert processing, reporting, a browser-based user interface as well as:
  • Central administration – a single interface to aggregated information regarding all of the components within an IT infrastructure.
  • Agent-based or agent-less performance data gathering from hundreds to thousands of monitored systems and data sources
  • Data archival and summarization is performed automatically
  • Central alerting capabilities – as data is collected, user-configured alerts are evaluated predetermined actions are taken. Send an email, execute a command, or send an SNMP trap to a third-party framework.
Clairvor: Root Cause Analysis Module
Clairvor automates the process and analysis required to identify the root of an infrastructure problem. As organizations expand it becomes more difficult to manage IT infrastructure and the interactions between servers, cloud instances, workstations, storage and networking equipment. Clairvor uses the strength of agent and agent-less data collection to empower users to find root causes faster, more efficiently and at less cost.Clairvor's unique abilities include:
  • Correlation
  • Drill-down
  • Visualization
  • Automated data analysis from multiple sources
Clairvor: Root Cause Analysis Module
ForSight: Capacity Planning Module
ForSight: Capacity Planning Module
Adding hardware or network capacity to avoid service level issues is no longer the most efficient way to meet business goals. Sightline’s ForSight for EDM gives planners the early warning required to proactively manage capacity.
  • Provides automated capacity forecasts for multiple systems on a defined schedule
  • Replaces manual capacity planning process
  • Generates a capacity problem report that highlights systems in danger of running out of critical resources such as memory, disk or CPU
Sightline ACE: Security and Compliance Module
As enterprises migrate their application infrastructure rapidly to cloud architectures, they face formidable challenges due to lack of security and compliance of their cloud resources. Cloud service providers are further challenged by the complexity of managing change in dynamic application environments and the need for seamless integration of legacy and virtualization systems. Sightline ACE addresses these challenges through automation and control, providing real time visibility and continuous security and compliance policies.
Sightline ACE: Security and Compliance Module

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