Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Say Hello to EDM 5.0

EDM 5.0 is the Next Generation Performance Monitoring Tool Designed to Make Your IT Infrastructure Operate Better, Faster and Stronger

The newly updated EDM 5.0 is a powerful IT automation platform and real-time monitoring solution that gives you maximum control over your IT environment. EDM 5.0 enables IT teams to continuously monitor the entire system in real time in order to proactively predict performance issues and prevent unplanned downtime and data loss. Its highly interactive, visual tools are used to accelerate discovery and investigation within an IT infrastructure. This means that the IT team experiences faster time to insight and achieves results in minutes, replacing days of manual work copying and manipulating various data sets.

EDM 5.0 is the only software that has the ability to do sub-second data analytics in real time and will help you:

  • Monitor and analyze diverse data streams throughout your entire IT infrastructure
  • Create a real-time, unified view of data
  • Visualize complex data
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Ensure availability
  • Identify system threats
  • Quickly diagnose issues that could result in unwanted downtime
  • Make proactive decisions by detecting patterns, trends and anomalies

EDM 5.0 has many new features including:

  • SightlineDB – This new database enables users to read and write operations 10-times faster
  • Enhanced displays
  • Advanced reporting
  • New alerting functions

EDM 5.0 is ideal for IT teams that want to keep their fingers on the pulse of mission-critical infrastructure components and proactively address issues throughout the system. EDM is scalable and works by analyzing thousands of infrastructure components in real time. This data can be captured from historians, networks, applications, operating systems and more. EDM then correlates the data in seconds and delivers end-to-end visibility and insight you can use to reduce downtime, ensure stability and identify threats.

Get the peace of mind you need to ensure your systems are always running and secure!

What Can Sightline EDM Do for You?

Monitor Systems

  • Proactively monitor systems to identify trends and patterns and help prevent problems before they start
  • Supervise servers, cloud providers, split infrastructures, applications, databases, .net, web services and messaging
  • Provides sub-second data analytics in real time

Optimize Performance

  • Blend performance, measurement and compliance
  • Forecast future behavior easily with web-based Self Service reports and Quick Charts

Analyze Trends

Reduce Cost

  • Replace multiple monitoring tools with one single solution and finding ghost servers that can be re-purposed
  • Eliminate waste from production lines by monitoring their effort

Root Cause Analysis

The Clairvor EDM Module delivers an enterprise-grade root-cause analysis. It automates the investigation of service issues from multiple data sources and integrates all of the necessary information to diagnose issues into one central dashboard.

Capacity Planning

The ForSight module for EDM will help your team automate capacity planning by leveraging real-time reports including forecasting of when capacity will be exceeded. No modeling is required.
Get up to the minute reports on the health of your entire enterprise
Data is correlated in seconds allowing you to quickly find and address anomalies
Identifying one vibration deviation of a circulation fan saved one company from costly downtime


Just imagine what Sightline can do to help your business become better, faster and stronger!

Why Sightline for Industrial Data and the Internet of Things?

Sightline EDM provides real-time insights into machine data generated by devices and control systems. We’ll help you analyze Industrial Internet of Things “IIoT” data which helps improve product quality and reduce costs. The advanced Sightline Systems analytics tool can analyze massive volumes of data created during the manufacturing process (via PLCs, HMIs or even CSV files) and correlate the data in seconds. This allows engineers to quickly make process improvements which can improve quality and reduce costs. This analysis and correlation is in addition to the traditional Sightline Systems use for IT Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning. Learn more about Sightline for IIoT Manufacturing.

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