Sightline Systems
Create transparency for the IT organization by easily tying IT metrics to business KPIs.

Organizations that are either already deploying virtualized servers, or that have made the decision to get started, cannot realize the full potential of virtualization without being able to effectively manage the performance and capacity of the physical and virtual components of their computing environments. Managing the performance of your virtual machines and their hosts with standard metrics like disk, CPU or memory usage will not be sufficient any longer. The IT management team responsible for implementing the virtualization strategy often find themselves lacking the needed visibility into the performance of the physical, virtual and transitional servers to allow the plan to be successful.

The virtualization infrastructure vendors do an excellent job of allowing you to provision and deploy virtual machines, but they only provide a very limited set of performance and capacity metrics – and these are not real time metrics. SightLine’s solutions can be used to enhance and augment the offerings of VMware, Citrix/Xen, Microsoft and others by providing your IT organization with a solution that can provide you with the performance and capacity planning tools for the physical world, the virtual world, and that can effectively manage the gap that exists between the two.

SightLine’s virtualization offerings allow IT managers to understand the performance of their virtual environments at a very granular level.By truly understanding the performance of all parts of the environment – physical servers, hypervisors, virtual machines, and the interaction between all of them - IT managers can then home in on other areas that are affecting the performance, and therefore the cost of maintaining that virtual environment. By understanding how VMs, for example, are performing – or if they are performing at all – will help IT managers address one of the biggest problems with virtualization – VM sprawl.

Once an organization decides to take the virtualization plunge, IT managers are often quick to virtualize everything they can. Developers start spinning up VMs in development and production environments, as if there was no “cost” to adding a VM. Every user group seems to need more and more VMs to address their specific line of business. In the end, there may be hundreds, even thousands, of abandoned VMs in your environment that are taking up licenses and SAN space. Knowing which ones are active and what resources are being consumed can help IT managers dramatically reduce sprawl, and reclaim licenses and SAN space – savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. SightLine’s solutions can provide benefit to those using the following virtualization products:

  • VMware 3.x, 3i, vSphere 4.x, ESXi & ESX

  • Microsoft Server 2003, 2008 and Hyper-V

  • Citrix Xen

  • Solaris Containers

  • AIX Partitions