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Hardware consolidation

As CIOs continue to drive their IT organizations to cut costs, server consolidation continues to get a lot of focus. The reality is that there is a lot of "iron" out there that is not being used to anywhere near its full potential. The old way of solving performance or capacity issues was throwing more servers in the mix – a way that does not bode well in this new economy. The potential savings around server consolidation are enormous – less machines, maintenance, facility space, management platforms, support personnel and energy use, while enjoying much improved manageability, visibility, agility, adaptability, higher service levels and better overall customer satisfaction levels.

Server consolidation can, however, cause an enterprise a lot of problems if it is not done correctly. The IT organization needs to make sure it fully understands how each of the servers currently deployed are being used, which applications or user groups are supported by each server, and how any consolidation effort will impact users, applications and services. SightLine's Capacity Planning solutions allow IT organizations use performance metrics to baseline their current environments, use predictive analytics to fully understand the impact of any consolidation before it happens, and be confident that the remaining infrastructure is built out to ensure no performance or capacity issues, workloads remain low and overall satisfaction remains high.